Central Club Hotel

Cnr Coppin & Swan St's

Richmond, VIC

Also known as Rock Garden

54 Known Gigs for Central Club Hotel

Date Band
Friday 9th February 1979 One Arm Bandit
Saturday 10th February 1979 Jivers
Skyhooks Thursday 13th December 1979 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Thursday 20th December 1979 Skyhooks
Wednesday 12th March 1980 Stockings
Thursday 13th March 1980 Bam Bu
Friday 14th March 1980 Jivers
The Bushwackers Saturday 15th March 1980 The Bushwackers
Ross Hannaford Sunday 16th March 1980 Ross Hannaford
Wednesday 19th March 1980 Billy Miller's Great Blokes
Thursday 20th March 1980 The Honeydrippers
Ross Hannaford Friday 21st March 1980 Ross Hannaford
Paul Kelly and The Dots Saturday 19th July 1980 Paul Kelly and The Dots
Hunters & Collectors Friday 25th September 1981 Hunters & Collectors
Hunters & Collectors Saturday 24th October 1981 Hunters & Collectors
Hunters & Collectors Saturday 19th December 1981 Hunters & Collectors
Le Club Foote Friday 12th November 1982 Le Club Foote
Dear Enemy Friday 19th November 1982 Dear Enemy
Strange Tenants Saturday 20th November 1982 Strange Tenants
Le Club Foote Wednesday 24th November 1982 Le Club Foote
Redgum Saturday 27th November 1982 Redgum
Saturday 23rd July 1983 Sacred Cowboys
Kids In The Kitchen Saturday 30th July 1983 Kids In The Kitchen
Stephen Cummings Friday 12th August 1983 Stephen Cummings
Saturday 13th August 1983 Painters and Dockers
Monday 15th August 1983 Aussie Mayo
Friday 26th August 1983 Broderick Smith Band
Machinations Friday 2nd September 1983 Machinations
Strange Tenants Friday 16th December 1983 Strange Tenants
Russell Morris Saturday 7th January 1984 Russell Morris