7 Members 10 Recordings 1 Gig

Melbourne based Pop band from 1968 to mid 70's

Jigsaw has 7 known members

Dennis Tucker

Bass/Vocals 1968 - More...

Ray Earnes

Guitar 1968 - More...

Ron Gilby

Guitar/Vocals 1968 - More...

Eddie Chappell

Drums/Vocals 1969 - More...

John Calderwood

Guitar/Vocals More...

Jigsaw discography - 10 recordings

To Love Means To Be Free by Jigsaw
To Love Means To Be Free

Single - First charted on June 15th, 1970, and peaked at 50th position.

Yellow River by Jigsaw
Yellow River

Single - First charted on August 24th, 1970, and peaked at 5th position.

Albert The Albatross by Jigsaw
Albert The Albatross

Single - First charted on April 12th, 1971, and peaked at 62nd position.

How Do You Do? by Jigsaw
How Do You Do?

Single - First charted on March 27th, 1972, and peaked at 8th position.

Mademoiselle Ninette B/W Mystery Man by Jigsaw
Mademoiselle Ninette B/W Mystery Man

Single - First charted on September 25th, 1972, and peaked at 18th position.

Sunday Girl

Single - First charted on January 28th, 1974, and peaked at 99th position.

A Rose Has To Die by Jigsaw
A Rose Has To Die

Single - First charted on July 29th, 1974, and peaked at 19th position.

1 Known Gig for Jigsaw

Date Venue City
St Albans Hotel, St Albans. VIC Saturday 29th June 1974 St Albans Hotel St Albans, VIC