War and Peace

War and Peace, Parramatta. NSW 162 Gigs 1 Video

Cnr Church & Ross St

Parramatta, NSW

162 Known Gigs for War and Peace

Date Band
Wednesday 14th December 1983 Bobby Sox
Mustard Club Wednesday 14th December 1983 Mustard Club
Dropbears Thursday 15th December 1983 Dropbears
John Paul Young Thursday 15th December 1983 John Paul Young
Spy Vs Spy Thursday 15th December 1983 Spy Vs Spy
Peculiar Clerk Saturday 17th December 1983 Peculiar Clerk
Sunday 18th December 1983 Magnetics
Thursday 29th December 1983 QV's
The Zarsoff Brothers Thursday 29th December 1983 The Zarsoff Brothers
Peculiar Clerk Friday 30th December 1983 Peculiar Clerk
Peculiar Clerk Saturday 31st December 1983 Peculiar Clerk
Avion Thursday 12th January 1984 Avion

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