Strata Motor Inn

Cremorne, NSW

Strata Motor Inn, Cremorne. NSW

46 Known Gigs for Strata Motor Inn

Date Band
Doug Parkinson Saturday 1st March 1980 Doug Parkinson
Icehouse Saturday 12th April 1980 Icehouse (formerly Flowers)
Matthew "Dutch" Tilders Friday 16th May 1980 Matthew "Dutch" Tilders
Loaded Dice Saturday 17th May 1980 Loaded Dice
The Clones Tuesday 20th May 1980 The Clones
Ray Arnott Wednesday 28th May 1980 Ray Arnott
The Elks Thursday 12th June 1980 The Elks
Loaded Dice Friday 13th June 1980 Loaded Dice
Saturday 14th June 1980 Mickey Finn
Matthew "Dutch" Tilders Saturday 14th June 1980 Matthew "Dutch" Tilders
Wednesday 13th August 1980 Street Angel
Saturday 16th August 1980 Acupunkture
The Lipstick Killers Friday 29th August 1980 The Lipstick Killers
The Lonely Hearts Friday 12th September 1980 The Lonely Hearts

Early Show

Barry Leef Saturday 28th November 1981 Barry Leef
Thursday 25th August 1983 Power