Scandals Nightclub

14 Gigs

Campbelltown, NSW

14 Known Gigs for Scandals Nightclub

Date Band
Saturday 12th February 1983 Torrid Zone
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 2nd April 1983 The Lonely Hearts
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 2nd July 1983 The Lonely Hearts
Saturday 9th July 1983 Torrid Zone
Thursday 14th July 1983 Voyeur
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Wednesday 27th July 1983 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
Saturday 13th August 1983 Sweet Revenge
Thursday 25th August 1983 East End
Saturday 27th August 1983 Party Girls
Wednesday 31st August 1983 Total Fire Band
Saturday 10th September 1983 La Bouche
Mad Gorilla Saturday 10th December 1983 Mad Gorilla
Grog 'n Grumble Friday 20th January 1989 Grog 'n Grumble
Zenyatta Thursday 26th January 1989 Zenyatta