Penshurst Hotel

Penshurst, NSW

AKA The Den

17 Known Gigs for Penshurst Hotel

Date Band
The Clones Friday 30th May 1980 The Clones
Peculiar Clerk Thursday 12th June 1980 Peculiar Clerk
The Clones Friday 26th September 1980 The Clones
Mad Gorilla Friday 10th October 1980 Mad Gorilla
Saturday 17th December 1983 Treason
Saturday 17th December 1983 Inside
Mirrored Image Saturday 17th December 1983 Mirrored Image
Saturday 24th December 1983 Bronx
Saturday 24th December 1983 Shy Thunder
Saturday 24th December 1983 Boss
Saturday 31st December 1983 Shy Thunder
Saturday 31st December 1983 Lotus
Mandrake Saturday 31st December 1983 Mandrake
Friday 13th January 1989 Black Rose
Lime Spiders Friday 13th January 1989 Lime Spiders
Saturday 21st January 1989 The Humdingers
Saturday 21st January 1989 Naked Lunch