Macy's - Her Majesty's Hotel

Macy's - Her Majesty's Hotel, South Yarra. VIC 153 Gigs

134 Toorak Rd

South Yarra, VIC

153 Known Gigs for Macy's - Her Majesty's Hotel

Date Band
The Reels Sunday 16th May 1982 The Reels
Friday 21st May 1982 The Laughing Clowns
Saturday 22nd May 1982 The Runners
The Church Sunday 23rd May 1982 The Church
Cold Chisel Thursday 3rd June 1982 Cold Chisel

Advertised as The Barking Spiders

Broderick Smiths Big Combo Sunday 13th June 1982 Broderick Smiths Big Combo
Serious Young Insects Friday 18th June 1982 Serious Young Insects
The Reels Sunday 20th June 1982 The Reels
Dynamic Hepnotics Friday 25th June 1982 Dynamic Hepnotics
Saturday 26th June 1982 Wilbur Wilde's Big Kombi
Sunnyboys Sunday 27th June 1982 Sunnyboys
Monday 28th June 1982 Strange Idols
Friday 9th July 1982 Young Home Buyers
Saturday 10th July 1982 A.E.I.O.U.
The Dugites Sunday 11th July 1982 The Dugites
The Numbers Sunday 11th July 1982 The Numbers
Hunters & Collectors Saturday 17th July 1982 Hunters & Collectors
The Models Sunday 25th July 1982 The Models
The Hitmen Saturday 31st July 1982 The Hitmen
The Little Heroes Sunday 1st August 1982 The Little Heroes
Real Life Monday 2nd August 1982 Real Life
Sherbet Sunday 8th August 1982 Sherbet
Mental As Anything Sunday 15th August 1982 Mental As Anything
The Little Heroes Sunday 14th November 1982 The Little Heroes
Eurogliders Sunday 21st November 1982 Eurogliders
Machinations Sunday 24th July 1983 Machinations
Goldrush Sunday 24th July 1983 Goldrush
Pseudo Echo Saturday 13th August 1983 Pseudo Echo
Kids In The Kitchen Saturday 27th August 1983 Kids In The Kitchen
Strange Tenants Sunday 28th August 1983 Strange Tenants