Hopetoun Hotel

80 Gigs

Surry Hills, NSW

80 Known Gigs for Hopetoun Hotel

Date Band
Saturday 7th September 1985 Groove Yard
Monday 5th October 1987 Deadly Hume
Candy Harlots Thursday 8th October 1987 Candy Harlots
Thursday 8th October 1987 Ice Nine
Wednesday 6th April 1988 Chad's Tree
Thursday 7th April 1988 The Moffs
Sunday 22nd January 1989 Danglin' Bros.
Ratcat Thursday 26th January 1989 Ratcat
Wednesday 8th February 1989 Falling Bodies
Wednesday 8th February 1989 Plug Uglies
Thursday 9th February 1989 Interstellar Villians
Thursday 9th February 1989 Vrag
Friday 10th February 1989 Falling Joys
Friday 10th February 1989 The Doppelgangers
Saturday 11th February 1989 Feast Of Friends
Saturday 11th February 1989 Love and Squalor
Sunday 12th February 1989 Carbuckle Shack
Sunday 12th February 1989 David Steel
Friday 13th October 1989 Crash Politics
Friday 13th October 1989 Gravity Pirates