French's Wine Bar

46 Gigs

Darlinghurst, NSW

46 Known Gigs for French's Wine Bar

Date Band
The Clones Friday 26th January 1979 The Clones
The Clones Wednesday 31st January 1979 The Clones
The Clones Thursday 8th February 1979 The Clones
The Clones Monday 16th July 1979 The Clones
Saturday 4th August 1979 The Shakers
Thursday 24th July 1980 The Agents
Mad Gorilla Saturday 18th October 1980 Mad Gorilla
Wednesday 5th November 1980 Metro
Wednesday 12th November 1980 Metro
Sekret Sekret Monday 22nd December 1980 Sekret Sekret
Tuesday 23rd December 1980 The Singles
Wednesday 24th December 1980 Commercials
Choirboys Monday 25th July 1983 Choirboys
Monday 22nd August 1983 Mr X
Monday 29th August 1983 Mr X
Bandanna Saturday 15th June 1985 Bandanna