Caringbah Inn

343 Port Hacking Road

Caringbah, NSW

Caringbah Inn, Caringbah. NSW

253 Known Gigs for Caringbah Inn

Date Band
Cold Chisel Friday 17th March 1978 Cold Chisel
The Angels Saturday 11th August 1979 The Angels
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 11th August 1979 The Lonely Hearts
Friday 7th September 1979 Headfirst
The Clones Saturday 27th October 1979 The Clones

Early show

Saturday 27th October 1979 Dallimore
Ayers Rock Friday 2nd November 1979 Ayers Rock
Matt Finish Saturday 3rd November 1979 Matt Finish

Early Show.

INXS Friday 9th November 1979 INXS
Gillian Eastoe Friday 16th November 1979 Gillian Eastoe
Mental As Anything Friday 30th November 1979 Mental As Anything
INXS Saturday 22nd December 1979 INXS
The Hitmen Monday 31st December 1979 The Hitmen
Icehouse Thursday 28th February 1980 Icehouse (formerly Flowers)
Doug Parkinson Friday 29th February 1980 Doug Parkinson
Saturday 1st March 1980 The Honeydrippers
Loaded Dice Saturday 1st March 1980 Loaded Dice
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 29th March 1980 The Lonely Hearts
Kevin Borich Friday 11th April 1980 Kevin Borich
Skyhooks Thursday 17th April 1980 Skyhooks

With Hands Off

The Clones Friday 18th April 1980 The Clones
INXS Saturday 19th April 1980 INXS
The Radiators Thursday 8th May 1980 The Radiators
The Lonely Hearts Thursday 8th May 1980 The Lonely Hearts
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 24th May 1980 The Lonely Hearts
INXS Thursday 12th June 1980 INXS
Outline Friday 13th June 1980 Outline
Boys Friday 13th June 1980 Boys
The Clones Sunday 15th June 1980 The Clones
Mondo Rock Saturday 5th July 1980 Mondo Rock