Campbelltown RSL Club

Campbelltown RSL Club, Campbelltown. NSW 27 Gigs

Carberry Lane

Campbelltown, NSW

27 Known Gigs for Campbelltown RSL Club

Date Band
Friday 5th November 1982 Rat Salad

Supporting Bo Diddley

Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Friday 5th November 1982 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)

Supporting Bo Diddley

Marcia Hines Friday 10th December 1982 Marcia Hines
Friday 21st January 1983 Just Die Young
Friday 11th February 1983 Full Circle
Dee Minor and The Dischords Friday 11th February 1983 Dee Minor and The Dischords
Friday 5th August 1983 Forever Fifteen
Friday 5th August 1983 The Beats
The Radiators Friday 12th August 1983 The Radiators

$6.00 Admission.

Friday 9th September 1983 One Word
Moving Pictures Friday 9th September 1983 Moving Pictures
Saturday 6th October 1984 Forever Fifteen
Saturday 6th October 1984 Jump Inc
 Little River Band Friday 25th January 1985 Little River Band
Your Fanatics Saturday 20th April 1985 Your Fanatics
The Beatnix Saturday 3rd August 1985 The Beatnix
Spy Vs Spy Saturday 21st June 1986 Spy Vs Spy
Kam Sha Saturday 19th July 1986 Kam Sha
Spy Vs Spy Saturday 8th November 1986 Spy Vs Spy
Saturday 3rd October 1987 Eleven Eleven
Johnny Diesel & the Injectors Saturday 3rd October 1987 Johnny Diesel & the Injectors
Bandanna Saturday 10th October 1987 Bandanna
The Beatnix Saturday 30th January 1988 The Beatnix
Saturday 5th March 1988 Swingshift
B.B. Strutt Saturday 9th April 1988 B.B. Strutt
INXS Friday 13th July 2012 INXS
Mad Cow Saturday 2nd April 2016 Mad Cow