13 Gigs

1 Newland Street

Bondi Junction, NSW

13 Known Gigs for Blondies

Date Band
Rocks Wednesday 22nd March 1978 Rocks
Rocks Friday 31st March 1978 Rocks
Thursday 6th April 1978 Crime & The City Solution
Thursday 6th April 1978 Babeez/News

As News

Rocks Friday 7th April 1978 Rocks
Rocks Tuesday 11th April 1978 Rocks
Rocks Wednesday 12th April 1978 Rocks
Rocks Sunday 16th April 1978 Rocks
Tuesday 25th April 1978 The Screaming Ab-Dabs
Friday 8th July 1983 Non Stop Dancers
Dynamic Hepnotics Friday 8th July 1983 Dynamic Hepnotics
The Lonely Hearts Friday 22nd July 1983 The Lonely Hearts
Friday 22nd July 1983 Just Lust