Big Pig

Big Pig has 7 known members

Name Instruments Period
Nick Disbray Vocals, Percussion
Sherine Abeyratne Vocals, Percussion
Oleh Witer Vocals, Drums
Tony Antoniades Vocals, Harmonica
Tim Rosewarne Vocals, Keyboards
Adrian Scaglione Drums
Neil Baker Drums

Big Pig discography - 2 recordings

Cover Title Type Release Year First Charted High Pos.
Hungry Town by Big Pig Hungry Town
Single 1986 10/11/86 18
Single 1988 29/02/88 8

4 Known Gigs for Big Pig

Date Venue City
The Venue, Dee Why. NSW Friday 26th August 1983 The Venue Dee Why, NSW
Friday 13th January 1989 Tiffany's Blacktown, NSW
The Venue, Dee Why. NSW Saturday 14th January 1989 The Venue Dee Why, NSW
Sunday 15th January 1989 Bondi Beach Bondi, NSW