Village Green Hotel

Mulgrave, VIC

65 Known Gigs for Village Green Hotel

Date Band
Uncanny X Men Saturday 23rd July 1983 Uncanny X Men
Pseudo Echo Friday 29th July 1983 Pseudo Echo
Russell Morris Saturday 30th July 1983 Russell Morris
Le Club Foote Tuesday 2nd August 1983 Le Club Foote
Mike Rudd Friday 12th August 1983 Mike Rudd
Saturday 13th August 1983 Stephen Cummings Band
Wednesday 17th August 1983 Jennifer Lee Band
Saturday 27th August 1983 F.J. Holden and The Fives
The Little Heroes Saturday 10th September 1983 The Little Heroes
The Little Heroes Saturday 15th October 1983 The Little Heroes
Le Club Foote Friday 16th December 1983 Le Club Foote
The Little Heroes Saturday 17th December 1983 The Little Heroes
Le Club Foote Saturday 17th December 1983 Le Club Foote
Uncanny X Men Saturday 7th January 1984 Uncanny X Men
 Little River Band Wednesday 8th February 1984 Little River Band
Geisha Saturday 29th March 1986 Geisha
Uncanny X Men Saturday 3rd May 1986 Uncanny X Men
Saturday 2nd August 1986 Frankie J Holden's Big Night Out
Weddings Parties Anything Saturday 2nd August 1986 Weddings Parties Anything
Saturday 6th September 1986 John Justin & The Thunderwings
Stephen Cummings Saturday 4th October 1986 Stephen Cummings
Kevin Borich Express Wednesday 8th October 1986 Kevin Borich Express
Kids In The Kitchen Saturday 11th October 1986 Kids In The Kitchen
Saturday 11th October 1986 Cattletruck
Redgum Saturday 1st November 1986 Redgum
The Church Thursday 6th November 1986 The Church
Saturday 17th October 1987 Painters and Dockers
Noiseworks Saturday 24th October 1987 Noiseworks
The Cockroaches Saturday 21st January 1989 The Cockroaches
Thursday 7th September 1989 Roxus