The Juke Of Earl

356 Homer Street

Earlwood, NSW

The Juke Of Earl, Earlwood. NSW

11 Known Gigs for The Juke Of Earl

Date Band
Wednesday 23rd July 1980 Ves 8
Ayers Rock Friday 25th July 1980 Ayers Rock
Ward 13 Saturday 26th July 1980 Ward 13
Wednesday 20th August 1980 Ves 8
Thursday 21st August 1980 Metro
Thursday 21st August 1980 Speed Limit
Friday 22nd August 1980 Flaming Hands
XL Capris Friday 22nd August 1980 XL Capris
The Lipstick Killers Friday 22nd August 1980 The Lipstick Killers
Saturday 23rd August 1980 The Eyes
Ayers Rock Saturday 23rd August 1980 Ayers Rock