26 Gigs

Exhibition St

Melbourne, VIC

26 Known Gigs for Teazer

Date Band
Skyhooks Saturday 6th October 1973 Skyhooks
Mississippi Sunday 7th October 1973 Mississippi
Skyhooks Thursday 25th October 1973 Skyhooks
Ayers Rock Saturday 3rd November 1973 Ayers Rock
Skyhooks Saturday 3rd November 1973 Skyhooks

With Ayers Rock

Skyhooks Saturday 17th November 1973 Skyhooks
Mississippi Sunday 25th November 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Saturday 8th December 1973 Mississippi
Skyhooks Saturday 8th December 1973 Skyhooks
Blackfeather Monday 24th December 1973 Blackfeather
Skyhooks Monday 24th December 1973 Skyhooks

With Blackfeather

Flake Saturday 12th January 1974 Flake
Skyhooks Saturday 12th January 1974 Skyhooks

With Matt Taylor & Flake

Mighty Kong Thursday 24th January 1974 Mighty Kong
Skyhooks Thursday 24th January 1974 Skyhooks

With Mighty Kong

Mississippi Sunday 3rd February 1974 Mississippi
Mississippi Saturday 9th February 1974 Mississippi
Skyhooks Friday 22nd February 1974 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Saturday 23rd February 1974 Skyhooks

With Buster Brown & Matt Taylor

Mississippi Sunday 24th March 1974 Mississippi
Skyhooks Friday 5th April 1974 Skyhooks
Mississippi Sunday 14th April 1974 Mississippi
Skyhooks Saturday 20th April 1974 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Sunday 5th May 1974 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Friday 17th May 1974 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Saturday 1st June 1974 Skyhooks