St Kilda Town Hall

13 Gigs

St Kilda, VIC

13 Known Gigs for St Kilda Town Hall

Date Band
Mississippi Tuesday 20th November 1973 Mississippi

Melbourne University Ball

Skyhooks Wednesday 17th April 1974 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Wednesday 17th July 1974 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Wednesday 31st July 1974 Skyhooks

Rusden Teachers College Ball

 Little River Band Tuesday 2nd December 1975 Little River Band
INXS Monday 18th August 1980 INXS
INXS Monday 22nd June 1981 INXS
Cold Chisel Tuesday 8th June 1982 Cold Chisel
INXS Tuesday 23rd November 1982 INXS
The Little Heroes Tuesday 23rd November 1982 The Little Heroes
The Little Heroes Friday 26th November 1982 The Little Heroes
Cold Chisel Tuesday 26th July 1983 Cold Chisel
Dynamic Hepnotics Tuesday 27th September 1983 Dynamic Hepnotics