Sovereign Hotel

17 Gigs

Frankston, VIC

17 Known Gigs for Sovereign Hotel

Date Band
 Little River Band Friday 25th March 1977 Little River Band
Skyhooks Saturday 10th June 1978 Skyhooks
Kevin Borich Sunday 8th April 1979 Kevin Borich
Skyhooks Saturday 14th April 1979 Skyhooks
Rose Tattoo Sunday 15th April 1979 Rose Tattoo
Saturday 21st April 1979 Tourists
Mother Goose Sunday 22nd April 1979 Mother Goose
Sunday 22nd April 1979 Rollercoaster
Saturday 28th April 1979 Sneakers
Cold Chisel Sunday 29th April 1979 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Sunday 3rd June 1979 Cold Chisel
Friday 15th June 1979 Savanna Silver Band
Jimmy And The Boys Friday 30th November 1979 Jimmy And The Boys
Skyhooks Friday 7th December 1979 Skyhooks
Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons Sunday 30th December 1979 Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
Skyhooks Friday 11th January 1980 Skyhooks

With Vixen

Cold Chisel Sunday 3rd February 1980 Cold Chisel