Pacific Hotel

Lorne, VIC

11 Known Gigs for Pacific Hotel

Date Band
Skyhooks Monday 11th April 1977 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Friday 6th January 1978 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Saturday 4th February 1978 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Sunday 26th March 1978 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Sunday 15th April 1979 Skyhooks
Uncanny X Men Monday 18th January 1982 Uncanny X Men
Wednesday 20th January 1982 The Rubes
The Cyril B. Bunter Band Thursday 21st January 1982 The Cyril B. Bunter Band
Sherbet Sunday 24th January 1982 Sherbet
Uncanny X Men Saturday 13th February 1982 Uncanny X Men
Sunday 14th February 1982 The Chemicals