Jam Disco

11 Gigs

105 Hume Highway

Leppington, NSW

11 Known Gigs for Jam Disco

Date Band
Richard Clapton Saturday 1st April 1978 Richard Clapton
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Saturday 15th April 1978 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
Kevin Borich Saturday 22nd April 1978 Kevin Borich
Skyhooks Saturday 29th April 1978 Skyhooks
The Ferrets Saturday 6th May 1978 The Ferrets
Cold Chisel Saturday 29th July 1978 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Saturday 30th September 1978 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Wednesday 20th December 1978 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Tuesday 16th January 1979 Cold Chisel
Mad Gorilla Saturday 9th August 1980 Mad Gorilla
Mad Gorilla Saturday 6th September 1980 Mad Gorilla