Harold Park Hotel

25 Gigs

Glebe, NSW

25 Known Gigs for Harold Park Hotel

Date Band
Wednesday 6th July 1983 Magnetics
Saturday 23rd July 1983 Wet Taxis
Friday 18th November 1983 Crystal Set
Friday 9th December 1983 Wet Taxis
Friday 30th December 1983 Crystal Set
Friday 9th October 1987 Ed Kuepper & The Yard Goes On Forever
Friday 8th April 1988 Bell Jar
Friday 8th April 1988 Shrinking Violets
Saturday 9th April 1988 Bored
The Celibate Rifles Saturday 9th April 1988 The Celibate Rifles
Thursday 14th July 1988 Huxton Creepers
Friday 13th January 1989 Toys Went Berserk
Friday 13th January 1989 Box The Jesuit
Saturday 14th January 1989 The Humdingers
Ed Kuepper Saturday 14th January 1989 Ed Kuepper
Sunday 15th January 1989 The Blackeyed Susans
Friday 20th January 1989 Big Bang Theory
Friday 20th January 1989 Tall Tales And True
Saturday 21st January 1989 Space Juniors
Saturday 21st January 1989 Deadly Hume
Sunday 22nd January 1989 Glass Harps
Sunday 22nd January 1989 The Blackeyed Susans
Thursday 26th January 1989 Pallisades
Thursday 26th January 1989 Falling Joys
Friday 19th July 1991 Bell Jar