Dorset Gardens Hotel

Croydon, VIC

14 Known Gigs for Dorset Gardens Hotel

Date Band
Men At Work Thursday 25th February 1982 Men At Work
 Little River Band Sunday 12th September 1982 Little River Band
Dear Enemy Saturday 13th November 1982 Dear Enemy
Paul Kelly and The Dots Saturday 20th November 1982 Paul Kelly and The Dots
The Little Heroes Thursday 25th November 1982 The Little Heroes
The Numbers Thursday 28th July 1983 The Numbers
Machinations Thursday 1st September 1983 Machinations
Dynamic Hepnotics Thursday 29th September 1983 Dynamic Hepnotics
Uncanny X Men Thursday 12th January 1984 Uncanny X Men
 Little River Band Saturday 18th February 1984 Little River Band
 Little River Band Sunday 19th February 1984 Little River Band
Geisha Monday 3rd November 1986 Geisha
Goanna Friday 7th November 1986 Goanna
James Reyne Friday 22nd January 1988 James Reyne