Cabbage Tree Hotel

Princes Highway

Fairy Meadow, NSW

19 Known Gigs for Cabbage Tree Hotel

Date Band
Avion Thursday 20th January 1983 Avion
Dynamic Hepnotics Friday 21st January 1983 Dynamic Hepnotics
Kevin Borich Express Thursday 27th January 1983 Kevin Borich Express
Divinyls Thursday 3rd February 1983 Divinyls
Thursday 3rd February 1983 Boss
Friday 2nd September 1983 Killer
Friday 2nd September 1983 The Beast
Saturday 3rd September 1983 Inner Release
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Saturday 3rd September 1983 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
The Cyril B. Bunter Band Sunday 4th September 1983 The Cyril B. Bunter Band
Kevin Borich Express Sunday 4th September 1983 Kevin Borich Express
Thursday 8th September 1983 Birds Of Prey
Peculiar Clerk Thursday 8th September 1983 Peculiar Clerk
Rose Tattoo Friday 9th September 1983 Rose Tattoo
Saturday 10th September 1983 The Rams
Choirboys Saturday 10th September 1983 Choirboys
The Allniters Thursday 15th September 1983 The Allniters
Mustard Club Thursday 15th September 1983 Mustard Club
Avion Thursday 3rd May 1984 Avion