21st Century

14 Gigs

Frankston, VIC

14 Known Gigs for 21st Century

Date Band
Boom Crash Opera Sunday 18th October 1987 Boom Crash Opera
Noiseworks Sunday 25th October 1987 Noiseworks
Dragon Sunday 10th January 1988 Dragon
Choirboys Sunday 10th January 1988 Choirboys
Thursday 14th January 1988 Cattletruck
The Cockroaches Sunday 17th January 1988 The Cockroaches
Weddings Parties Anything Sunday 17th January 1988 Weddings Parties Anything
James Reyne Thursday 21st January 1988 James Reyne
Hunters & Collectors Sunday 24th January 1988 Hunters & Collectors
The Angels Thursday 5th January 1989 The Angels
Mental As Anything Sunday 22nd January 1989 Mental As Anything
The Cockroaches Sunday 22nd January 1989 The Cockroaches
1927 Sunday 29th January 1989 1927
Skyhooks Sunday 2nd December 1990 Skyhooks