The Love Game

The Love Game by John Paul Young
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John Paul Young released the Single The Love Game in 1975. It was released through the Albert Productions label as catalogue number: AP-10907

The Love Game first charted on September 22nd, 1975, peaked at 4th position and stayed in the charts for 20 weeks

B/W St. Louis

Credits and people associated with The Love Game

George Young
George Young


Harry Vanda
Harry Vanda


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11 Known Chart Listings for The Love Game

Date Position
13th of October 1975 16
20th of October 1975 12
27th of October 1975 8
3rd of November 1975 5
10th of November 1975 4
17th of November 1975 5
24th of November 1975 6
1st of December 1975 6
8th of December 1975 9
15th of December 1975 16
22nd of December 1975 19