Stick Movie?

Stick Movie? by The Undecided? The Undecided? released the Album Stick Movie? in 1984.

Self funded album released on cassette only. 1000 copies printed and sold at gigs.
1) Nothing More To Say (Stevenson)
2) Witch’s Howl (Stevenson)
3) Rain Lady, Rain (Crisafulli/Jostsons)
4) The Door (Stevenson)
5) Takin’ It Home (Downy) Free Bonus Track
1) Just Tearin’ It Up (Raymond/Downy)
2) Maybe You Will (Crisafulli/Stevenson)
3) Get It Happening (Stevenson)
4) Sure Miss You (Stevenson)

Credits and people associated with Stick Movie?

Name Role Details
Ross McGregor Engineer/Producer Recorded at Axent Recording Studio - Kogarah, New South Wales