Kick by INXS INXS released the Album Kick in October 1987. It was released through the WEA label as catalogue number: 255080-1

Kick first charted on October 26th, 1987, peaked at 1st position and stayed in the charts for 83 weeks

  1. Guns In The Sky
  2. New Sensation
  3. Devil Inside
  4. Need You Tonight
  5. Mediate
  6. The Loved One
  7. Wild Life
  8. Never Tear Us Apart
  9. Mystify
  10. Kick
  11. Calling All Nations
  12. Tiny Daggers
  13. Move On (Guitar Version)
  14. Jesus Was A Man
  15. Mystify (Chicago Demo)
  16. The Trap (Demo)