It Is What it Is

It Is What it Is by The Hitmen

The Hitmen released the Album It Is What it Is in 1982. It was released through the RCA label as catalogue number: VPL1 0403

It Is What it Is first charted on December 20th, 1982, peaked at 81st position and stayed in the charts for 1 weeks

  1. Pay Up Or Shut Up

  2. Bwana Devil

  3. Go Rin No Sho

  4. Rocket On The Elevator Up

  5. 15 Hours

  6. Wrath Of God

  7. It Is What It Is

  8. No Clue

  9. I'd Like To Kiss You

  10. When The Idol Sings

  11. Shadow Realm

  12. When Worlds Collide