Tim Finn

Tim Finn Tim Finn was born on the 25th of June 1952 in Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Tim Finn is known to have been a member of 1 band

Name Instruments Period
Split Enz Split Enz Lead Vocals/Piano/Acoustic Guitar/Keyboards 1971 - 1984 (More...)

Tim Finn discography - 10 recordings

Cover Title Type Release Year First Charted High Pos.
Fraction Too Much Friction by Tim Finn Fraction Too Much Friction
Single 1983 06/06/83 8
Escapade by Tim Finn Escapade
Album 1983 04/07/83 8
Made My Day by Tim Finn Made My Day
Single 1983 22/08/83 22
Staring At The Embers/Through The Years by Tim Finn Staring At The Embers/Through The Years
Single 1983 14/11/83 34
Home For My Heart by Tim Finn Home For My Heart
Single 1985 02/09/85 87
No Thunder, No Fire, No Rain by Tim Finn No Thunder, No Fire, No Rain
Single 1986 28/04/86 46
Big Canoe by Tim Finn Big Canoe
Album 1986 05/05/86 31
How'm I Gonna Sleep by Tim Finn How'm I Gonna Sleep
Single 1989 10/04/89 24
Tim Finn by Tim Finn Tim Finn
Album 1989 08/05/89 44
Crescendo by Tim Finn Crescendo
Single 1989 24/07/89 97

Recording Credits

Role Type Title Band Year Highest Pos
Puberty Blues by Jenny Morris Producer Single Puberty Blues Jenny Morris 1982 88