Tim Finn

Tim Finn Tim Finn was born on the 25th of June 1952 in Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Tim's current age is 68.

Tim Finn is known to have been a member of 1 band

Name Instruments Period
Split Enz Split Enz Lead Vocals/Piano/Acoustic Guitar/Keyboards 1971 - 1984 (More...)

Tim Finn discography - 10 recordings

Cover Title Type Release Year First Charted High Pos.
Fraction Too Much Friction by Tim Finn Fraction Too Much Friction
Single 1983 06/06/83 8
Escapade by Tim Finn Escapade
Album 1983 04/07/83 8
Made My Day by Tim Finn Made My Day
Single 1983 22/08/83 22
Staring At The Embers/Through The Years by Tim Finn Staring At The Embers/Through The Years
Single 1983 14/11/83 34
Home For My Heart by Tim Finn Home For My Heart
Single 1985 02/09/85 87
No Thunder, No Fire, No Rain by Tim Finn No Thunder, No Fire, No Rain
Single 1986 28/04/86 46
Big Canoe by Tim Finn Big Canoe
Album 1986 05/05/86 31
How'm I Gonna Sleep by Tim Finn How'm I Gonna Sleep
Single 1989 10/04/89 24
Tim Finn by Tim Finn Tim Finn
Album 1989 08/05/89 44
Crescendo by Tim Finn Crescendo
Single 1989 24/07/89 97

Recording Credits

Role Type Title Band Year Highest Pos
Puberty Blues by Jenny Morris Producer Single Puberty Blues Jenny Morris 1982 88