Krazy Kat

Krazy Kat

Sydney based Cover/Party band from 2016 to present.

Krazy Kat has 10 known members

Name Instruments Period
Tony Crisafulli Tony Crisafulli Lead Vocals 2016 -
Chris Nagy Chris Nagy Guitar/Vocals 2016 -
Greg Morris Greg Morris Drums/Vocals 2016 -
Peter Hamilton Peter Hamilton Bass 2016 -
Lisa Page Lisa Page Lead Vocals 2016 - 2017
Kieran Fox Kieran Fox Keyboards 2016 - 2017
Charlie Lee Charlie Lee Bass/Vocals 2016 - 2017
Nick Iconomou Nick Iconomou Keyboards/Vocals 2017 -
Rachael Woodlands Rachael Woodlands Lead Vocals 2017 -
Bruno Gerace Bruno Gerace Guitar/Vocals 2017 - 2017

39 Known Gigs for Krazy Kat

Date Venue City
Sunday 31st December 2017 Triglav St Johns Park, NSW
Club Cronulla, Cronulla. NSW Saturday 13th January 2018 Club Cronulla Cronulla, NSW
Bradbury Inn, Bradbury. NSW Saturday 3rd February 2018 Bradbury Inn Bradbury, NSW
Friday 2nd March 2018 Revesby Workers Club

Performed in the Infinity Bar

Revesby, NSW
St Marys Band Club, St Marys. NSW Saturday 3rd March 2018 St Marys Band Club St Marys, NSW
Smithfield RSL Club, Smithfield. NSW Saturday 31st March 2018 Smithfield RSL Club Smithfield, NSW
St Marys Rugby League Club, St Marys. NSW Friday 6th April 2018 St Marys Rugby League Club St Marys, NSW
Saturday 14th April 2018 Club Ryde Ryde, NSW
Brighton Lakes Recreation & Golf Club, Moorebank. NSW Saturday 26th May 2018 Brighton Lakes Recreation & Golf Club Moorebank, NSW