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Hoodoo Gurus discography - 16 recordings

Tojo by Hoodoo Gurus

Single - First charted on July 11th, 1983, and peaked at 80th position.

My Girl by Hoodoo Gurus
My Girl

Single - First charted on October 31st, 1983, and peaked at 35th position.

Stoneage Romeos by Hoodoo Gurus
Stoneage Romeos

Album - First charted on March 12th, 1984, and peaked at 29th position.

I Want You Back by Hoodoo Gurus
I Want You Back

Single - First charted on April 9th, 1984, and peaked at 68th position.

Bittersweet by Hoodoo Gurus

Single - First charted on July 22nd, 1985, and peaked at 16th position.

Mars Needs Guitars by Hoodoo Gurus
Mars Needs Guitars

Album - First charted on August 12th, 1985, and peaked at 5th position.

Like Wow - Wipeout by Hoodoo Gurus
Like Wow - Wipeout

Single - First charted on October 21st, 1985, and peaked at 15th position.

Death Defying by Hoodoo Gurus
Death Defying

Single - First charted on March 3rd, 1986, and peaked at 43rd position.

Poison Pen by Hoodoo Gurus
Poison Pen

Single - First charted on October 13th, 1986, and peaked at 76th position.

What's My Scene by Hoodoo Gurus
What's My Scene

Single - First charted on March 30th, 1987, and peaked at 3rd position.

Blow Your Cool by Hoodoo Gurus
Blow Your Cool

Album - First charted on April 20th, 1987, and peaked at 2nd position.

Good Times by Hoodoo Gurus
Good Times

Single - First charted on July 27th, 1987, and peaked at 36th position.

Magnum Cum Louder by Hoodoo Gurus
Magnum Cum Louder

Album - First charted on June 25th, 1989, and peaked at 13th position.

Kinky by Hoodoo Gurus

Album - First charted on April 29th, 1991, and peaked at 8th position.

1,000 Miles Away by Hoodoo Gurus
1,000 Miles Away

Single - First charted on May 20th, 1991, and peaked at 33rd position.

Electric Soup by Hoodoo Gurus
Electric Soup

Album - First charted on September 7th, 1992, and peaked at 4th position.

62 Known Gigs for Hoodoo Gurus

Date Venue City
Thursday 18th April 2013 The Tivoli Fortitude Valley, QLD
Friday 19th April 2013 Twin Towns Services Club Tweed Heads, NSW